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        When you elope to Italy, people might not understand your choice. Eloping is still a very unique way to get married, but it has become more of a frequent and intentional choice during the last few years. When grand celebrations have been postponed because of Covid, all of our wedding dreams needed to find creative solutions.

        Some couples have decided to elope to Italy and treat themselves to an intimate and very private celebration, despite everything, instead of waiting for normal wedding plans to resume. Eloping is, most of the times, a choice based on a desire for simplicity and intimacy.

        When I talk about eloping, I am talking about a just-the-two-of-you wedding, celebrated in a way that feels authentic, adventurous and classically elegant at the same time.

        Whether Italy holds a special meaning, or special memories for you as a couple, or whether you just feel inspired, Italy is arguably the best place in the world for a stylish, soulful and fun elopement.



        Elope in Italy The guide on how to plan your Elopement in Italy

        There are many locations that are ideal for a chic and romantic elopement in Italy. The most difficult part is narrowing down the perfect location. In Italy, you are spoilt for choice with dozens of regions to explore, each with a different personality and unique charm.

        From the one-of-a-kind Venice, the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, to the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, or the sunny islands of Sicily, the exclusive island of Sardinia and the volcanic archipelagos of southern Mediterranean, keep reading for my photographers short guide on the best places to elope in Italy.

        Best places to
        elope in Italy

        Best places to elope in the North of Italy

        – Cortina and the Dolomites
        – Bozen, Lake Braies and the Südtirol Alps
        Lake Como, Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore
        – Verona
        – Cinque Terre
        – Milan

        Best places to elope in Central Italy

        – Tuscany: Val d’Orcia, Siena, San Gimignano, Isola D’Elba
        – Rome

        Best places to elope in the South of Italy and the Italian Islands

        – Amalfi Coast: Positano, Amalfi, Capri and Ischia
        – Apulia
        – Basilicata: Matera
        Sicily: Palermo, Taormina, Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
        – Sardinia: Costa Smeralda
        – Island of Pantelleria
        – Aeolian Islands: Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi

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        What does an elopement
        in Italy look like


        If you are here, you probably already know the reasons why you want to elope. Whether there are family complications, a desire to keep the budget tighter, a natural adversion to big events, the desire to cut the guest list, or whether you just cannot bring yourself to start the wedding planning process, because you feel like you already have too much on your plate...You want to get married to the person you love, but you don't want to take care of everything and everyone. You just wish you could have actual, sincere fun on your wedding day.
        For all of these reasons, you need someone to just show you the way, show you what to do and how to do it. Let me share a few examples of what your wedding day could really look like, if you choose to elope to Italy.

        Elope to Italy | Camilla M Wedding Photographer in Venice Italy Luxury Elopement

        A two days elopement between Venice and the Dolomites, at the beginning of October

        The preparation starts, with the help of your hair and make up artist. You want to be ready before the sun rises. You bough a suit and a magnificent designer dress for the occasion, plus hiking shoes, because the path is going to be rugged.

        We meet in the breakfast room, at about 7:30 and we have the best possible Italian breakfast with a strong coffee and fresh mountain milk. I already know the best spots, so we take a step outside and I guide you to the most beautiful looking points in the area.

        You hold on to each other and breathe the pure air of the Dolomites. By 9 am we are back to the mountain hut and you can warm up. We take the cable car back to the car park and drive to Cortina.

        You enjoy a stroll in the picturesque ski town, while we take some pictures, then I leave you and you have lunch at the best restaurant in Cortina to celebrate your pre wedding day on the Dolomites. You'll get back to Venice in the late afternoon, with a 2 hours drive.

        DAY I. Dolomites Pre Wedding

        The air is fresh and chilly. It is the beginning of Fall, and you just woke up in your rustic yet luxurious private room at Rifugio Lagazuoi, at 2752 mt of altitude. It is early, and you take a walk outside to see how the weather is like.

        The view just takes your breath away. It is still dark, but you see the sun rays peeking. Your fiancé reaches you outside, and you hug in silence. You are so happy that you decided to elope to Italy, and the adventure hasn't even begun yet.

        DAY II. Venice Elopement

        The next day you wake up with all the ease, in your beautiful Venice boutique hotel, with a view over the Grand Canal. It's your wedding day, the sunshine is soft and sweet and you are filled with excitement.

        Venice is incredible, wherever you look. You get to have a breakfast on the terrace, because it is sunny and warm today. You look at the gondolas flowing on the Grand Canal. The city is waking up, and you are part of it.

        At 10 am your make up artist joins you at the hotel, and you start the getting ready. You put on your favorite music. This time, the dress is white and you feel all the magic again. Your wedding planner joins you and brings a magnificent bouquet: it's just like you wanted it.

        I am there to capture all the carefully curated details: the shoes, the rings, the florals and the dress of course. Your style is in every little thing.
        I photograph you, while my associate photographer captures your partner getting ready in another room. When you are ready, we are doing a first look on the terrace. You are both crying already, but you have to keep it together!

        A water taxi picks you up, and we get to Palazzo Cavalli for your official civil ceremony at the City Hall. You say your vows, you sign the papers and you are officially married!

        The water taxi is ready to bring you to Piazza San Marco for couple portraits. The next destination is something very special: you are having a private luxury tour of the lagoon on a classical boat, with a private chef. The tour reaches the lesser known islands of Sant'Erasmo and then the colorful Burano, and we are be able to see and photograph these locations from a unique perspective.

        You are enjoying a taste of Italian gourmet cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from the local markets, with the best wines from all around the Veneto region. I leave you to your privacy and you continue your explorations and finally reach a luxury b&b in Mazzorbo, where your luggage is already waiting for you, as well as a warm bubble bath, the best way to close the day.

        The sun is setting on the lagoon, closing a perfect wedding day in Venice.


        Venice Elopement Photographer, Camilla M, How Many Hours Should You Hire An Elopement Photographer For?
        Venice Elopement Photographer Winter Elopement Destination Wedding Elope in Italy
        Venice Elopement Photographer, Camilla M, How Many Hours Should You Hire An Elopement Photographer For?

        Why Elope to Italy |
        A glamorous, luxurious adventure, just the way you want it

        One of my favorite things to do is photograph an elopement in Italy. I am fortunate enough to get to photograph couples from all over the world who choose Italy to celebrate their marriage, and me as a wedding photographer to document it all for them. It is truly magical to be able to witness an intimate ceremony in some of the most romantic places in the world.

        While I still love unique, stylish, thoughtfully planned luxury weddings, eloping feels more like an adventure, and it can be just as glamorous and unforgettable.

        There are so many reasons to choose to elope to Italy

        Stylish, fashion forward couples and art lovers find Italy to be the best place for a luxury, refined, and fun elopement. There is so much history, notable art and architecture everywhere to make your heart warm.

        Iconic landscapes such as the Dolomites, the islands of Venice, Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, volcanoes in the South and cliffside fishing towns in Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast. Most cities are UNESCO heritage sites, and even in the most remote village, you will find incredible gems to discover, exquisite food and the best wines in the world.


        a slower pace

        Elope in Italy | Wedding Photographer Taormina Italy Sicily, Destination wedding in Taormina, Italy beach wedding

        Eloping for an intimate and unique wedding experience in Italy

        With an elopement you have the perfect blend of uniqueness, fun, creativity and elegance. There is something so charming and magical about it all, so much freedom and creativity. And with no real timelines to stick to, you have all of Italy to roam and celebrate in.

        I believe elopements bring out of the wedding concept something completely new: they celebrate true intimacy, personality, they put the couple at the center of it all. Especially when you elope to Italy.

        Elopements are beautiful, intimate adventures that allow couples to uniquely create the wedding day of their dreams.

        If you still care about sharing this moment with your nearest and dearest, there is always a way to include them in your celebration, making it more of a destination wedding, or adding a second celebration once you get home. While a wedding planner is a must for a destination wedding in Italy, I can help with some of the logistics and the planning for your Venice elopement, if it is just the two of you.


        An elopement celebration is

        a gift to yourself

        like a fabulous designer bag, something you do

        because of an inspiration, a desire, a search for happiness and perfectly crafted beauty

        Can I legally elope in Italy?

        This is one the first questions you might have on your mind and it is a fundamental question: will my elopement in Italy be a real wedding?
        Yes, you can legally elope and get married in Italy, even as a foreigner. Contrary to other countries such as France, there is no residency requirement in Italy to be able to legally marry.

        While you ceremony can be either symbolic, religious or civil, if you want the wedding to also be official, there is a procedure to follow. You can do it yourself, or, since all the information online tends to be in Italian only, you can hire a professional to take this off your hands (I recommend it).
        If you don't wish to undertake this process, another great option is to get married at home and elope with a symbolic ceremony in Venice.


        1) First get inspired and define your musts for an elopement in Italy.

        Some might say that the first step is to decide where to elope, and start from there.
        But I disagree: I believe you should start with the why. Why choose Italy? What images and ideas came to your mind when you thought of Italy? What do you want to do and add to the wedding experience?

        Maybe you have always dreamed of wearing a unique designer dress and riding a vintage car with your love, on yellow rolling hills, with the summer breeze caressing your hair. You can’t do that in Venice, and the most beautiful iconic hills are in Tuscany. This is a good start!

        When you tell me about your dreams, I can use my experience to recommend and inspire you even more.

        Watch Fellini movies, dream, brainstorm and write down what is important to you and your partner, and what inspires and uplifts you. Will it be just the two of you eloping? Or will it be an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family? The guest list is also a good starting point to define what the day will look like.

        Maybe you have your eyes set on a dress, or a couple of dresses: that can also be a good way to start visualizing.

        Read wedding blogs ad magazines, and take notes. Some of my favorites are Harper’s Bazaar Wedding, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Vogue Wedding.

        Then remember to also write down ideas for experiences that would make you happy, before or after the ceremony. A sailboat ride at sunset in the Venetian lagoon, a private tour of the Guggenheim Collection followed by a Michelin star dinner, a spa day and a classical at the Opera House La Fenice.

        You can take a hot air balloon ride in Tuscany, or ride Ferrari in Maranello. You can explore some of the best ski slopes in the world, or visit the most iconic film locations in Rome.

        Some of these elements can be part of a pre wedding exploration and pre wedding shoot, or they can be included in your elopement day. You might want to document some of these really exceptional and highly unique experiences, while some of them may be just for you two.


        2) Find your main elopement vendors: wedding planner and photographer

        At this point I recommend you start browsing for your main elopement vendors: a wedding planner, especially if you want to make it legal, and  your photographer.

        As a wedding and elopement photographer in Italy my experience can be very helpful in choosing the best time of the year for your celebration, as well as the wedding location and the best schedule for your day.

        The planner and I, we can fill in the gaps for you, and make it all simple, while also giving you ideas that are unique to you and your style.


        3) Decide where and when to elope: what is the best city and time of the year for you to elope in Italy?

        Now that you know what you want to do, and you have professionals by your side, you can decide where exactly to elope and when. If the Alps covered in snow are in your dream elopement plan, winter is surely the best option. If you are longing for a dive in crystal clear waters and a beach vows exchange, summer is the best time.

        Each season adds something unique to your elopement. Depending on when you decide to elope, you will experience Italy in a different way. The same city can be very different in different seasons. Sicily for example, is warm most of the year, as well as the Amalfi Coast, so might be able to see them out of season, in a more private, quiet way.

        Summer is very busy and overflowing with tourists, but the weather is always perfect. Even if Spring and Fall have unpredictable weather, I can generally say that they are the best months, because you have the best balance.


        4) Complete your plan: choose an elopement location and find the rest of the wedding vendors

        Choosing the ceremony location is a very important step I can help you with, together with the wedding planner. My perspective is related to what kind of mood and imagery the location can offer.

        It could be a civil celebration at City Hall, or a vows exchange at sunrise in the island of San Giorgio, overlooking Piazza San Marco. The elopement could also be organized on a terrace in Rome, or on a sailing boat on Lake Como.

        If it is just the two of you exchanging symbolic vows, I can be all the help you need. But if you are planning to have an intimate wedding with a few guests, a planner can give you a location list tailored on yours and your guests’ needs.

        You might also want to find a great florist for a unique wedding bouquet, a caterer or a restaurant who can organize a special dinner for you two after the ceremony, a boutique hotel for a luxury stay, or a personal guide to show you the city.

        5) Define the timeline of your elopement with me

        You can now finally put together all the elements that will elevate your experience and make the day unique. Once you have decided the location for the ceremony, and the hotel where you will prepare, we can also define together the perfect timeline for portraits before and after the ceremony. I will be preparing before the date and of course I will also be location scouting the days before to find the best locations and the best time of the day for photographs.


        If guests are included in the elopement celebration, now is the time to send invitations. They will be thrilled to be asked to be a part of your elopement in Italy!
        If this is a just-the-two-of-you elopement, do you want to keep it a secret? Or do you want your family and friends to know? You can find a way to announce it that includes the reasoning behind it, and will make the people you love feel like they were part of your day, even if they will not be there.

        You can also decide to keep it to yourselves and share the photographs afterwards, or throw a just-married party once you are back home. Be sure that you can find a way to make the people you love happy, while still planning something that is genuinely you.

        6) Announce your elopement to friends and family

        Inquire for an elopement consultation and
        a custom photography + videography proposal

        COVID RESTRICTIONS UPDATES / Elopements in Italy 2022

        As the Covid situation changes fast in Italy and all around the world, it is important to keep updated on travel and events rules. In 2020 and 2021 summer weddings were allowed with restrictions. Wedding ceremonies with no guests, or very few guests have been generally allowed in 2021, so it is plausible to assume that elopements will be possible in 2022.

        You will need to present a COVID-19 green pass or certificate on arrival issued by the health authority of your country certifying complete vaccination against COVID-19, performed at least 14 days beforehand, using a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Restrictions may apply to travel, so at this website you will be able to find updated information on traveling to Italy. For more information about traveling to Italy from the USA, you can also check out the US Embassy & Consulates in Italy website.

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        FAQs on Eloping to Italy

        When is the best time to elope to Italy?

        What day of the week and time of day is best?

        Do you take care of the paperwork for us if we get legally married in Italy?

        How can I find an English speaking officiant?

        How many hours should I hire an elopement photographer and videographer for?

        Can you be our witness if we get legally married?

        How can we book you as our elopement photographer?

        Even if Spring and Fall have unpredictable weather, I can generally say that they are the best months, because you have the best balance. The months I would recommend are May, September and October.
        Since Italy's high season is mostly the Summer, June, July and August are warm and very busy months, overflowing with tourists, and weddings. The weather is mostly sunny, and temperatures are high.
        Some cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice, are amazing any time of the year, but they will be pretty cold in the winter. Sicily, on the other side, is temperate most of the year, as well as the Amalfi Coast and all the South of Italy, so they could be an interesting out-of-season winter option.

        Book your elopement photographer in Italy

        Please take a moment to fill out the form with the most relevant information. Once I receive your email, I will ask you to schedule a video or phone call with me. On the call I will be able to ask you all the important questions, and understand if I am a good fit for you. I will then prepare a detailed, custom proposal for your elopement. Investment for elopements begin at 2.500 €.