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        Why the environment is important to me

        How can you bring your wedding closer to the values ​​of sustainability?
        As an elopement and wedding photographer in Italy I care deeply for the environment, the varied and monumental landscapes we have, as much as I care for the preservation of our incredible architecture and art heritage.

        As many other wedding photographers, I picked up the camera for the first time as a child. On the occasion of my confirmation, at about 10 years old, I received an Olympus 35mm, a small analog camera, as a gift. I started taking long walks through the nature reserve close to my home, and through the cultivated fields of my hometown, photographing everything I encountered. From that first moment, nature and photography have remained inextricably connected for me.

        It took me several years to shift from landscape photography to portraiture. I am now a wedding, elopement and couples photographer in Italy, trying to keep the same spirit of curiosity and love for what surrounds me. It is no coincidence that photographing a destination wedding, and especially an elopement, means photographing people, while also enhancing with my images the place where these people chose to celebrate their day.

        Tuscan countryside Destination Wedding Assisi, Italy

        How my work with weddings is sustainable

        My work is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. First of all, I work mainly in Venice: here I photograph weddings, couples on their honeymoon, traveling couples, families…and in Venice you can’t help but walk! I am happy to have the opportunity to avoid the car in everyday life.

        When I travel beyond my region or when I work outside of Italy, I am aware that the plane has a huge impact on the environment. I have been wondering for years what to do to compensate and I discovered an Italian company that does just that.

        WowNature is a web platform developed by Etifor (a company founded by the University of Padua) that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow the progress of the forest that you have helped to grow. Unlike other notable companies, such as Treedom for example, WowNature has many projects in Italy, and has contributed significantly to the reforestation in Veneto after the passage of the Vaia storm.

        Trees on WowNature can be bought or virtually donated. So here is my gift for you: for each wedding service purchased, I will contribute to the purchase of two or more trees. In addition to this, 20% of the revenues from the sale of my fine art prints will contribute to this great reforestation goal in Italy.


        I love this idea – so cool! The more trees, the better.

        Love this sustainable idea! I also plant trees for each photo session booked!!

        I absolutely love that you’re taking a more sustainable approach with your business. Donating 2+ trees per wedding might not seem like a big deal, but it adds up quickly!

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