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        What are the wedding details?

        The wedding details are all of those big and small objects included in the wedding day that give your wedding a specific look and style. The number of things you can decide to focus on can vary a lot, depending on how big the wedding is and how much you really care about details and overall aesthetics.

        If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, hopefully you also have a wedding planner to help you choose most of the wedding details. Even if you have a wedding planner by your side, a wedding details checklist can help you brainstorm ideas and kickstart the process.

        As a wedding photographer in Venice Italy I am excited about telling your story in a natural way while also using all of the details to give an overall sense of elegance and luxury to your wedding day. What this wedding details checklist will focus on are the kind of details that are included in the photographs, especially in the flatlays. Of course a complete wedding planning checklist will include a lot more than this (check out this extremely detailed wedding planning checklist compiled by Brides).

        Flatlays are an extremely creative way to complete the narrative and keep memory of all the objects you so carefully selected for your wedding. They are also an essential part of wedding editorial submissions, so if you want your wedding to be featured on a publication, you are in the right place to start planning.

        Start detail planning with a wedding moodboard

        When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many details to consider. Pinterest and Instagram are great when it comes to collecting inspiration for your wedding. But there is something special in creating a physical wedding mood board. It forces you to take decisions and eliminate something instead on keeping on accumulating ideas and trying to fit it all in.

        Websites like Ruffled Blog, Amber & Muse, and Style Me Pretty have an infinite selection of ideas, themes, and related color palettes. Brides tells you all about creating a mood board. Browsing those websites can be the perfect starting point for you. Then print something or cut images from your Vogues, your and your physical magazines.

        Planning a destination wedding in Italy means considering details that can be very different from each other, such as wedding invitations and the seating chart, floral arrangements, table decorations, but also shoes and jewellery for the bride and cufflinks and a nice watch for the groom.

        These are precious details for me too, as a destination wedding photographer in Italy. The reason is simple: I am not photographing you in your home, you are not in your usual element. These objects carry a story and a meaning and I love to have things to photograph that give me a sense of who you are.

        When browsing, take into consideration the location, the season, the wedding dress. You may want a colorful wedding that is well suited to summer, set in a floral garden or by a pool in Lake Como, or on the Amalfi Coast. Or a timeless romantic wedding with golden details set in a city full of Baroque art and opulence like Venice.

        The mood board isn’t just helpful to you and your partner: your vendors will love it, too. A mood board keeps everyone working towards the same vision, and avoids misunderstandings. It is one of the most important steps towards planning the most amazing destination wedding in Italy.

        Wedding details are essential in a destination wedding in Italy

        When I photograph destination weddings in Italy, especially when a wedding planner is involved, I am often in awe of the special attention most couples pay to every wedding detail. Those elements capture the essence of the place and your unique style at the same time. Things such as the gift bags given to each guest as a welcome to Italy, or precious invitation suites with perfect custom-made graphics.

        Photographing these details is a wonderful creative work: objects such as small wine bottles, postcards, artisanal objects that give a sense of the place, as you see it. Photographing these objects as flatlays means adding little touches of color and giving sense to the space in a single photograph. It is an artistic creation that takes time and is so rewarding.

        Why should I photograph the wedding details?

        Photographing the wedding details is important to tell the story of your wedding day. As a destination wedding photographer in Italy, I am not interested in giving you images that feel like “the standard”. I aim to get to know you, your love story, and find an artistic way to tell the story, as a storyteller.

        A story is made up of many details, and if you want to create a complete story, as happens in films, you have to create different scenes and different shots. Creating a design, a theme, an aesthetic for your wedding day is not easy at all, especially for those who are not designers, artists, visual storytellers.

        As in any creative project, whether it’s a fashion shoot or the design of a wedding, we need to reflect on the emotions we want to convey to our viewers, or our guests. A wedding planner can help you a lot, and this wedding details checklist is a great starting point too.

        The attention to wedding details gives us and our guests a day of immersion in a magical atmosphere.

        Whether or not you hired a wedding planner, as a wedding photographer in Italy I can give you valuable insight into what details are important to include in your photographs to have outstanding, creative, unique photographs.

        Capturing every wedding detail will also allow us to submit a selection of photographs to wedding publications. Having the opportunity to share the photographs of your carefully planned wedding in Italy with the rest of the world is a joy that I am very happy to give to my couples.

        Pick a color scheme and communicate it to your wedding photographer

        The beauty of photographing wedding details is that they visually tie the entire narrative together. The easiest thing is to start with is a color scheme. There will be a main color, which is often the color of the bridesmaids or bridesmaids dresses, and the color of some of the flowers in your bouquet.

        For example, if you get married in spring in Venice, you could choose a combination of neutral pastel colors drawing inspiration from the marbles of Venetian palaces. Another color scheme could be white, blue and green for the bouquet. Following your palette, as a wedding photographer I will choose to bring a white box to photograph your rings.

        If, on the other hand, you love pink, and the church or hotel where the reception will be held has pink marble accents, you can maintain continuity with a pink ring box and pink bouquet ribbon. Communicating with me as your photographer is essential to make sure that I will bring all of the photographic accessories that I need to create amazing flatlays for you.

        Hire your photographer for enough time

        The reality is, good wedding details photos take time. For the average wedding flatlay it will take me about 20-30 minutes. If I’m lucky enough to have a lot of details to play with, I can spend up to two hours creating different photo sets and curating each element.

        If you care about having a truly artistic, refined and comprehensive wedding photos, you shouldn’t be afraid to hire your photographer long enough to capture all of them. If I am capturing a wedding locally, or if I’m in town the night before for the rehearsal dinner, I can capture the details the day before. This way on the day of the wedding we can focus solely on the human side of photorgraphy. This takes some extra planning, but it is doable.

        Flowers and Extras for Detail Photos

        I always reach out to the florist and request leftover or extra floral blooms when I have couples who value wedding detail shots. It doesn’t take many florals to add lots of character and tie your theme into your detail photos. As a destination wedding photographer in Italy, this is something I take the initiative to do myself, however, if I am not your photographer, don’t assume this will be done without a specific request. Excluding the flowers that are used as decoration in the flatlays, the main floral elements that I photograph are:

        – Bridal Bouquet

        – Bridesmaids Bouquet

        – Corsages (mother of the bride, mother of the groom, father of bride, father of groom, grandparents, special guests)

        – Boutonnieres

        – Flower crown or Hair Flowers

        – Flower Girl Flowers

        Bridal Wedding Attire

        As a wedding photographer the first things I photograph once I arrive to the getting ready location are the dress and all parts of the wedding attire. My second shooter will be photographing the groom’s wedding attire and details. I combine different elements, small objects that I carry with me, as well as all of the details you will give me. Let’s make sure you have everything ready before you start with hair and make-up. Remember that some of these elements are essential and some are just optional, depending on what you have planned for the day:

        – Wedding Gown
        The wedding gown is usually photographed on its own, in the best possible spot around the getting ready location. I always try and place it where there is enough space to see it all, and in a spot that gives the sense of the place.

        – Bridal Shoes
        Bridal Shoes are usually pieces of art I am happy to photograph in combination with other wedding details. I am happy if you let me know the model before the wedding day, so that I can start planning the set for details flatlays.

        – Bridal Headpiece and Veil
        While some brides choose to forego a veil, I think it’s nice to have it as an option, even if just for a handful of photos. The veil can be beautiful for detail shots, but it also adds in extra romance when it comes to bridal portraits and couples photos.
        An alternative to a veil is a shoulder cape. The perk of a shoulder cape is that it doesn’t interfere with your hair style, and you will probably forget you’re even wearing it. Here is an example of a shoulder cape on Etsy.

        – Pajamas, Robes, Slippers
        Your wedding day pajamas or robes will serve as the outfit you wear while you get your hair and makeup done. Some brides opt for custom pajamas with their names and the names of their wedding party on them.

        The most important thing to consider when you’re selecting your getting ready outfit is that it is easily removable without having to pull it over your head and mess up your hair and makeup. A good pajamas could have buttons on the front, but wearing a robe would also work.

        Bridal Slip, Lingerie, Hosiery, Garter
        These are all extra elements I can photograph, especially if it is designer lingerie you really want to immortalize or if has elements that refers to the wedding theme.

        – Second Look, Going Away Outfit and Rehearsal Dinner Dress
        If you have a second wedding dress, be sure to let me capture it as well. Other outfits you might want to capture are the going away outfit and the rehearsal dinner dress. On a destination wedding in Italy it is very important to photograph not only the wedding day, but all of the activities planned for you and your guests visiting Italy. This is why you might want to consider hiring a photographer for rehearsal dinner, next day brunch and any other special activity you planned.

        – Bridesmaid Dresses, Accessories and Shoes

        – Flower Girl Dress

        – Ring Bearer Outfit

        Groom’s Wedding Attire

        If you’re a bride planning your details, don’t forget about your groom! Common details for a groom include shoes, tie or bowtie, cufflinks, handkerchief, cologne and his boutonniere. You can also include anything else that reminds you of your love story, such as the first book you gave him, or a place that inspired you and can be represented by a photo, a magazine, a postcard.

        Remember the basics of the groom’s attire:

        Groom’s Outfit
        The tuxedo, the shirt, any other element included in the wedding outfit.

        – Groom’s Details: Tie or Bowtie, Watch, Cufflinks, Handkerchief, Cologne, Boutonniere and anything else that tells your story.

        – Groomsmen’s Outfits


        Selecting your jewelry can feel like a huge task when you are just beginning with the wedding planning. When it comes to selecting wedding day jewelry the best advice I can give is to choose what feels like you and makes you feel beautiful and special.

        You may also want to consider how comfortable and practical an item is, as you would hate to be distracted by heavy earrings or have a ring that snags your dress. As I always say, since my wedding photography focuses so much on storytelling, choose something that tells a story.


        It is not easy to finding a good smelling perfume that has also a beautiful bottle. It can be a real challenge, but the beauty in the end is all worth it when your details tie perfectly together. When you’re picking out a perfume for your wedding, there are a few things to consider.

        First of all you want to consider the size of the bottle in relation to your details (is it really small or really big?), the color of the bottle (does it clash with your wedding colors?). And even if it is not something you can photograph, you should also consider the scent. Does the scent make sense for the day? Here is an example: if you are planning a beach wedding, don’t choose a pine tree scent.

        For a wedding in Venice, for example, there are several perfumers who can create bespoke essences, perfect for your occasion. Since Venice has a long history of trades bewtween the East and the West, brands such as The Merchant of Venice are historically meaningful and create custom, luxury essences, perfect for your wedding day. In this case, the bottle made of Murano glass, will also recall the place where the wedding will be held.

        Since smell is a powerful and magical sense, I advise you to choose a new perfume that you have never worn before. Every time you wear it, it will always remind you of your wedding day.

        Ring Bearer Pillow or Ring Box

        In order to photograph the wedding rings on a flatlay, I usually have a wedding box, in different colors, that I can use. This is why it is important for me as a wedding photographer to know your wedding palette beforehand. The wedding day then calls for some sort of ring storage. The most traditional option is the ring pillow but you can also carry the jewelry in something more creative, like a customized ring box (check out this article to see some options).

        Stationery and Paper Goods

        Couples often remember to bring an invitation to the wedding day, but they may forget the RSVP card, the envelopes, and all of the other wedding stationary. When setting aside an invitation for your photographer, it is important to set aside the whole suite, including the extra stationary. See the stationery and paper goods checklist to make sure you have everything ready to be photographed:

        Invitations Suite

        Wedding invitations are the first element to think about and often one of the first thing couples select and buy. Remember that the entire suite can include several elements: invitations, RSVP cards, all envelopes, wax seals and stamps if they go with your theme.

        Vow Books

        If your ceremony includes wedding vows remember to find a “place” to keep them. You can have a little book made by the same professional who makes your invitations, for example. It is always better to commission the graphic design to one person only, to keep the style consistent. Wedding vow books are a precious symbol of your wedding day, and one of the things you’ll really enjoy keeping for years to come. In addition, being photographed with a nice booklet in hand is much better than reading the vows from your cell phone or from a crumpled sheet of paper.

        Bar Menus, Dinner Menus and Ceremony Programs

        Bar and Dinner Menus and Ceremony programs are little details that, like everything else on this list, add elegance and contributes to the creation of a magical atmosphere.

        Again, it is important to commission all graphics to the same professional, to have consistency between the different elements. If the ceremony takes place in the middle of summer, you could add a fan with each booklet, always keeping in mind your wedding color palette.

        Table Numbers and Place Cards

        Table Numbers and Place Cards are a little extra touch to make all guests feel important on your wedding day. Remember that the place cards will be on the table together with floral centerpieces, so the colors must be in harmony. A great idea for place cards is to have them made by a calligraphy expert.

        Reception Seating Chart

        The seating chart can be a space for true creativity! Here are some ideas on how to plan it and make it special.

        Wedding Welcome Sign

        The wedding welcome sign, a bit like the seating chart, is a very creative element that can be adapted to all themes. Remember to stay on topic and always use the same colors and aesthetics you used for the other graphics.

        Welcome Card and Weekend Itinerary

        If your wedding is a multi-day destination wedding in Italy, it can be useful to give your guests a welcome card with essential information. It is also great to give them an itinerary for the weekend, to let them know what you have planned for them. Include important times, places, and dates so guests always have them on hand.

        A couple of suggestions if you want the best Italian professionals for stationery and paper goods

        It is not easy to find truly expert professionals in the stationery and graphics realm for your destination wedding in Italy. There are some incredible designers in Europe and Italy capable of doing original, creative work at the highest level.

        • Pink Ink Studio for those looking for a classic and timeless elegance;
        • Shhh My Darling a husband and wife duo that creates custom stationery for weddings and small brands, with a past as cartoonists, they are perfect for those looking for a fresh, colorful, original style;
        • Carissimo Letterpress is the studio founded by Ana and Alessandro in Vienna, after they met in Italy and with their modern and high quality style they are perfect for a wedding with attention to every detail;
        • LetterInk is a letterpress and design studio in Milan that also offers wedding stationery.

        Wedding Guest Book

        The wedding guest book is an excellent idea to collect comments and nice words from guests. It can also be a photo album to be filled with polaroids the same day. An item that can sometimes be overlooked is a pen for the guest book. We spend all this time making our guest book look stunning, only to have basic pens in the photos.

        Gift Bags

        Gifting your wedding party is not a must, but it is a super lovely gesture, especially in occasion of a destination wedding in Italy. It’s a way to thank your guests for being by your side and giving them something that is special, unique and made in Italy.

        If you are looking for a photographer in Venice or anywhere else in Italy to capture the essence of your day, you can contact me here. I am happy to help you plan and document your destination wedding in Italy.

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