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        A romance that was meant to be

        “We decided to go back to dorm together on a shared car. When we got back to the dorm at nearly 2 am we entered the building and met the security guard of our dormitory near the entrance. He was complaining about some drunk freshman. We also noticed a bottle of champagne on the guard’s locker. That moment that drunk freshman came down from the second floor and the guard wanted to walk him back to the room, the freshman started to run away for some reason, the guard chased him and that was the moment when our lift door opened. We stole a bottle of guard’s champagne for some reason and entered the lift. The whole situation took about 15 seconds.
        We drank that champagne in my room with my roommates and spent some fun time together that night. And fun fact we have occasionally known a girl who had actually gifted that champagne bottle to security after 3 years of this story. That was a crazy night in general. We were both late to the same party and ended up going to the same club at the same time. From that day we were together for almost 5 years now. We went through so much!.. but we’re so grateful we still have each other and really happy to live our lives in magical Bali now.”

        A magical day in Bali: couples video and photoshoot

        We spent one day together visiting some of the most incredible travel destinations in Bali, an island that is also well known as a honeymoon destination. The heat was terrible but Nikita and Alyona were not impressed, since they have been living here for quite a while now. The first stop was on the coast near Canggu to see the temple Tanah Lot and then we got an amazing waterfall near Ubud. Then we couldn’t miss the famous Tegallalang rice terraces. The colors were so impressive: the flowers, the sky. We ended our day together in Seminyak beach, one of the most famous beaches in Bali. I will never forget the sunset on this beach.

        When editing the video, putting together all these images and photos, I chose to use the song “Next to me” by Imagine Dragons, because it says so much about being together for a long time, and finding a way to love everything about a person. They are an inspiring couple.


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