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        Honeymoon-in-Bellagio-at-Villa-Melzi-Lake-Como Lake Como Lake Como

        Romantic evening on Lake Como, Villa Melzi and Bellagio

        September 29, 2023 A belated honeymoon on Lake Como is still a honeymoon and deserves some celebration. When Haley and Chris told me about their wedding the year prior I could not believe their story. They had planned t...
        Lake Como Lake Como

        Lake Como Engagement Boat Ride from Tremezzo to Bellagio

        August 18, 2023 Lake Como is one the most romantic destinations for an engagement photoshoot in Italy. While Venice is of course, where my heart and my home is, Lake Como offers the kind of privacy, luxury and natura...
        Lake-Como-honeymoon-photoshoot-in-Bellagio-Villa-Melzi-d'Eril-Italy-Couple-Photoshoot Lake Como Lake Como

        Lake Como honeymoon photos in Bellagio Villa Melzi d’Eril

        June 19, 2023 Lake Como for your honeymoon photos? Yes please! When a couple inquires for honeymoon photos in Italy I am so glad to hear Lake Como is their first option. This stunning lake overlooking the Alps, 25 ...