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        Visiting-Venice-in-December-The-Complete-Guide JOURNAL JOURNAL

        Visiting Venice in December | The Complete Guide

        December 1, 2022 The best guide to a winter holiday in Venice in December celebrating Christmas and New Year's DayDecember in Venice means: panettone and pandoro, chilly mist and fog, the occasional acqua alta, Christmas street food like mulled wine and hot chocolate, Christmas lights and Christmas shopping. It also means rainy days and the rare chance to witness the snow in Venice, early darkness, quiet streets and the warm coziness of cafés and pasticcerie all around the city.
        Visiting Venice in November | The Complete Guide JOURNAL JOURNAL

        Visiting Venice in November | The Complete Guide

        November 1, 2022 The best guide to an off-season vacation in Venice in NovemberVenice in November may seem hostile to someone expecting perfect Italian sunshine and happiness, but there is a way to find magic in the coziness of Autumn.November in Venice means: fog, acqua alta, La Salute festival with all of its small-town-magic, the first mulled wine of the season and hot chocolate, a lot of rain and umbrellas, the closing of the Biennale Exhibition, early darkness, the first Christmas lights, and probably one of the very few times during the year when the streets are quiet and there are very few tourists.
        The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Creating-Your-Destination-Wedding-Timeline JOURNAL JOURNAL

        Get married in Italy | Marriage requirements for foreigners

        February 3, 2022 Getting married in Italy | Marriage requirements for foreigners. A guide to a legal marriage for couples planning their destination wedding in Italy.
        Bridal Hairstyle red flower Italy Wedding Fine Art Photographer JOURNAL JOURNAL

        Green wedding in Italy: planting trees for you

        February 24, 2021 Why the environment is important to meHow can you bring your wedding closer to the values ​​of sustainability? As an elopement and wedding photographer in Italy I care deeply for the environment,...

        2020: Dolomites, sustainable living and new years resolutions

        January 2, 2020 A photographer on the Dolomites and thoughts about the year 2020I am an elopement photographer for a reason: I love nature and I love to photograph true, raw feelings in amazing places. Because ...